Choose gorgeous crystal evening bags for beautiful bridal time.

We supply a various styles of crystal evening clutches for women, they represent elegance, luxury and high quality of your life. These evening clutches are completely handmade and embeded with quality crystals and beaded rhinestones, they are really treasures to show unique elegance of ladies. Customers who bought our clutches always said that it is a good idea to take them to join evening party or wedding. Because all bags are 100% handmade, so if a few crystals dropped from the clutch, it is normal and this is not the quality problem. We offer you some extra diamonds in a plastic bag when shipping, you could use E6000, G-S HYPO or other strong glue to fix. Thanks for your understanding. Each crystal clutch needs to be custom-made, which usually takes about 3-5 working days, if you can not wait, please do not place your order on our site.


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Bag In Store International Co. Ltd is a company that is located in Guangzhou, China, we are mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of crystal evening bags, we are committed to providing fashion ladies with high quality crystal evening bags at the most reasonable price. Our company has designed various styles of crystal clutches, there are animal-shaped and floral patterned clutches that are decorated with multicolored crystals.

We have our own factory, which has been designing and manufacturing evening bag for nearly 20 years, all clutches are completely handmade, with solid financial strength and advanced technology, we produce fashionable evening bags in various styles, the price is also low.

Each bag must pass strict inspection before they go out, once being found with defect, they will be returned back to factory, so we guarantee that our customers can receive flawless bags. If you receive a bag with several pieces of diamonds that have dropped, it is normal and does not mean the product is poor quality, because each bag will be shipped with extra diamonds, you can paste them by strong glue.

Evening bag is an essential single product for every lady, we decorate them with brilliant crystals so they will look more fashionable. For shopping, dating with boyfriend, party and wedding, an evening clutch will be more important for lady, wanna to become the focus on party? Choose one bag here and you will not regret.